Double Dog Dare You

You think we got our collective stuff together? In the spirit of Ralphie, I gotta go ahead and “double dog dare you” to ever … and I mean ever … pull something like this off. Sherwood High School just blew my mind. I need you to watch the next two videos for me. The first is actually what I watched second, and that is the “making of.” The second is the actual lip dub. I want you to try and wrap your head around not just pulling off a one shot lip dub with a high school, but do it in reverse. Wow.

The finished product …

From the WTF Files: Obama’s Weight

Please let this be satire …

President Obama is weighing the nation down with his weightlessness-ness. I’m not going to use big words or fancy words. I’m just going to say what hockey moms and soccer moms around this great nation are wondering and that’s how can we trust a leader who might weigh less than a Victoria’s Secret model?

Leadership is about weight. It’s about weighty issues. Issues involving weight and heavy things and people who have weight to them. Leaders who are men like Churchill or Roosevelt or what’s his name there, that U.N. fellow from way back, Dag Hammarskjold. Meat on their bones.

It’s American to have weight. Get up on a scale, move the little thing there at the top. Hockey moms do it. Soccer moms do it. But jeez. About the only people who don’t do it are the French. And they’re Socialists. So you do the math.


Guess who said that one on Meet the Press … yep, Sarah Palin. Now we have to sit through Weight Gate? No wonder we can’t come to terms with health care … we are wasting our time on the speculation of a healthy weight or from sarah’s perspective, getting enough meat on our collective bones to not be a socialist. I am placing this in the WTF category.

Schools, Laptops, and Security?

The suit says Lower Merion School District officials can activate the webcams remotely without students' knowledge. The lawsuit alleges the cameras captured images of Harriton High School students and their families as they undressed and in other compromising situations.

Families learned of the alleged webcam images when an assistant principal spoke to a student about inappropriate behavior at home.


My sister in law works in this school district. I can't help but wonder who is really to blame here — super empowered IT groups or super empowered administrators? Either way I am disturbed and disgusted by this turn of events. In a second piece that I read, a girl is quoted as saying, "'Mom, I have that laptop open all the time in my bedroom, even when I'm changing."

I am appalled.


We’ve been crazy about making tag stickers for all sorts of events. We use and take images that either we create in house or ones people coming to the events submit to us. Last summer we had some really cool ones made for the Learning Design Summer Camp from personal icons people submitted to the wiki. A few months earlier, we had an amazing set of them made for the 2008 TLT Symposium that became quite the popular item around campus and beyond. I even stuck some to my laptop and the back of my Cinema Display!

My Laptop. Credit ghbrett on Flickr.

My Laptop. Credit ghbrett on Flickr.

For one reason or another we chilled on the tag stickers at this year’s Symposium and instead got a bunch made that were really designed to be a save the date. I have to say I missed not getting a brand new killer book of them, but seeing that I still have a bunch left over from the last several events I think I’ll live. Well, here is the really strange thing … and this is a little beyond odd. I was in the Men’s bathroom in our building on campus the other day and I noticed a tag sticker under the toilet seat. I’ll have to say it shocked me, but it is a hell of an advertising location — either that or someone is trying to tell us something. Either way, you can now save the date for March 27, 2010 for our next TLT Symposium. We just landed Michael Wesch as our opening keynote and I know the program and planning committees are already starting to do their work. Perhaps this new sticker location is the work of the marketing and communications committee?

Odd Placement

Odd Placement