Double Dog Dare You

You think we got our collective stuff together? In the spirit of Ralphie, I gotta go ahead and “double dog dare you” to ever … and I mean ever … pull something like this off. Sherwood High School just blew my mind. I need you to watch the next two videos for me. The first is actually what I watched second, and that is the “making of.” The second is the actual lip dub. I want you to try and wrap your head around not just pulling off a one shot lip dub with a high school, but do it in reverse. Wow.

The finished product …

4 thoughts on “Double Dog Dare You

  1. That was Awesome! Amazing! So simple but so complex. I love the idea of getting together a lot of people to perform like this. And capturing that moment. It’s rich with life! I love it. And I believe it is one of the coolest productions, I’ve seen, put together on the web!
    Thanx for posting both videos here, Cole. Thinking back….what made the “finished” video so excellent was watching the “making of” video first. I’m not sure what my reaction would have been seeing the finished video first. It took watching the “making of” video FIRST to enjoy the second video as much as I did. Would I feel the same having watched the “finished” video first and then watched the “making of” video? I don’t know…I doubt it. The order was key! It made me think of so many things…what was that music in the “making of” video? What were they saying? Is this video just a rip off of another video I’ve seen like this in the past? What will the finished video be like? Are they just going to add music and silence the “making of” audio track?
    But then when the finished video started, I was like WOW! So cool to reverse the video and then I thought how cool it was to have the music reversed in the “making of” video and have people sing backwards…That was Awesome! And the singers did such a great job! And I forgot about the ending gymnasium shot…The movement in that shot was trippy. I could keep going…
    Awesome…Thanx for sharing! =)

  2. Without having watched the making of video I’d say that took a lot of practice, especially for those singing, which must of been played in reverse, and was shot on a steadicam or some stabilizer. Might of been one continuous shot but there were a couple lens cover opportunities to cut and make it seem continuous. Either way quite impressive just the planning involved, first one of these types of videos done in reverse. Now I’ll watch the making of to see if I’m close.

  3. Wow. This is incredible. At first it reminded me of the digg dub video from a couple years ago, but this vid has so much more production and preparation involved. I’m amazed that so many people got together to create this.
    Those kids and the people who produced this did an insanely awesome job.

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