Changing Inputs

“When we change the input into our minds, we change the output into our lives.” — Zig Ziglar

Even the best jobs are complicated and stressful in various ways. Outside forces are nearly always there and it often feels like many of them are out to get us. And by get us, I mean they are looking to interrupt our work, relationships, leadership, vision, and in many cases, our sanity. We often don’t recognize moments where the outside forces appear to be negative, but In reality, if looked at differently, offers a chance to do a course correct. With that said, sometimes those outside forces are truly out to derail us, but we have more power than we often think.

I recently had a health related incident that knocked me out of action for a period of time. Now that I am back and feel great, I am practicing a different mindset about who I am and how I choose to react to those outside forces. When I heard that quote this morning it really made me reflect on my 25 years of work in higher education and how I have given these forces too much power. At each stop of the way there have been forces that have pushed me to do great work and those that have actively worked against the progress our institutions need to face. Using the mindset above I am learning that we have more control over how we process these signals on the way in and how to convert them into an energy on the way out that allows us to do great work (sanely) and how to treat the people in our lives that are important.

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2 thoughts on “Changing Inputs

  1. I agree 1000%. We can control (or at least direct and filter) the inputs, and we can control our own actions in response to those inputs. Being mindful of what’s being let into my head in the first place has been a big part of trying to regain some sense of control or sanity…

    • Hi, D’Arcy! It’s taken me until I am 51 to realize that I have more control on what I let into my mind and how it impacts my output. It seems so obvious, but mindfulness appears to be a huge part of that idea. Taking a beat to make a better decision on what to accept as truth makes all the difference for me these days.

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