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One of the nice new additions to this year’s TLT Symposium are the beautifully designed Tag stickers. These were designed by Audrey Romano in ETS — I think the overall idea was a joint venture between the Symposium project manager, Allan Gyorke, and all the members of the committee. What I like is that they focus on the idea that people all over our campus are doing really interesting things with the platforms we are working on … in a lot of cases, many of these people don’t get the chance to talk directly with each other about what they are doing. So one way to overcome that was to take the idea of people tagging to a new level and let people use these stickers to indicate what they are into by sticking them to their badges. Hopefully conversation will occur with people informally sharing their interests and ideas. Here are a few samples:

podcasting tagblogging taggaming tagsocial tag

The stickers are produced by the people at and they are of the highest quality. Last year we did Moo Cards and they were a real hit, so this year we embraced the idea that we should use some visual design in a more obvious way. I’ve started to integrate these into the ETS website as well to indicate project groups … we also make heavy use of the concept at the ETS Community Hub.


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  1. Thanks Denise. They’re actually not very expensive and if they help a few more people to connect with each other, then it’s well worth the money we spent on them. In my ideal world, the conversation would be something like this “Hi Denise. Oh, I didn’t know you were interested in blogging. I have been thinking of starting a blog…”

  2. Denise … thanks for stopping by. I have to say the work you all do at Moo is inspirational — I am always looking for ways to take advantage of the things you guys make. Thank you!

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