From the WTF Files: Obama’s Weight

Please let this be satire …

President Obama is weighing the nation down with his weightlessness-ness. I’m not going to use big words or fancy words. I’m just going to say what hockey moms and soccer moms around this great nation are wondering and that’s how can we trust a leader who might weigh less than a Victoria’s Secret model?

Leadership is about weight. It’s about weighty issues. Issues involving weight and heavy things and people who have weight to them. Leaders who are men like Churchill or Roosevelt or what’s his name there, that U.N. fellow from way back, Dag Hammarskjold. Meat on their bones.

It’s American to have weight. Get up on a scale, move the little thing there at the top. Hockey moms do it. Soccer moms do it. But jeez. About the only people who don’t do it are the French. And they’re Socialists. So you do the math.


Guess who said that one on Meet the Press … yep, Sarah Palin. Now we have to sit through Weight Gate? No wonder we can’t come to terms with health care … we are wasting our time on the speculation of a healthy weight or from sarah’s perspective, getting enough meat on our collective bones to not be a socialist. I am placing this in the WTF category.

4 thoughts on “From the WTF Files: Obama’s Weight

  1. It is simply impossible for something so stupic to be stated unless it is satire. Looks like something from the Onion. Palin isn’t bright but I refuse to believe anyone (even her) could utter this opinion with an ounce of seriousness.

  2. I think the “collection of quotes” were all satirical inventions by the author of the article to parody the fact that the media tends to jump all over every oddity with Obama.

  3. Yeah, it *has* to be parody, but the sick thing is that our media coverage has gotten so ridiculous that it is on the verge of believable. Not only that, I could actually hear Palin saying something as outrageous as that.

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