For All My Canadian Friends

Really no need to say anything …

5 thoughts on “For All My Canadian Friends

  1. Gus Porter reminds me of someone I used to work with in Anaheim (before moving to Australia). He was a former Marine who’s favourite saying used to be “What are you, some kind of Communist?!”

    One day just to see what would happened I turned to him and said, “So just what is wrong with Communism, anyway?”

    The look on his face was priceless…

  2. This was one I just couldn’t resist posting. I absolutely loved it and knew a few of my friends from up north would get a real kick out of it. Scary how many people I know that are like Gus.

  3. Portner is just lucky he died free. Every Canadian drop of iv fluid, every pill, and every bandage cantains a secret additive – a serum that weakens the will. By the time every Canadian reaches puberty, they have been stripped of their inner freedom – the only true freedom. Socialized medicine is really just social engineering in disguise. A crypto-eugenics project designed to create a lumberjack super-race. What’s that? Whose at the door? Oh no they’ve come for me. No, No, not the gulags of northern Alberta!

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