Web 2.0 and Community Engagement

I blogged about the talk Allan Gyorke and I did at last week’s TechForum and had posted the slides, but wanted to include a little more insight with them. The basic theme of the presentation is related to how we’ve been using Web 2.0 philosophies to support our work within the teaching and learning community.

I sat down day before yesterday with my slides and a simple USB headset and tried out the narration recording capabilities of Keynote ’08 … long story short is that it worked. The resulting presentation is about 50 MB, but it is in iPod format and actually looks really good on my iPhone as well. I am a little surprised it was kicked out to iTunes from Keynote as an M4V … I was actually expecting an MOV, but I didn’t spend any time messing with it. If you are interested, download the file and watch. It is about 22 minutes, which is almost to the minute how long it took Allan and I to work our way through the slides … I will also say that Allan’s perspectives and thoughts are clearly missing from my solo performance here. Please provide feedback if you make it through the presentation. I am also planning to post a Flash Video version later today if the conversion works as expected.

Download the Enhanced Podcast

Show Notes

For the first time in my podcasting career — it spans several years now BTW 😉 — I have added show notes to the entry. Funny, it is the one thing iTunes U doesn’t give us. At any rate, take a listen to ETS Talk 27 and let me know what you think … about the show and the notes.

Hidden Gems on PSU Podcasting

As I was browsing through the Podcasts at Penn State analytics data for the week I noticed a huge jump in the number of visits (about 2,000 additional for the week). When I jumped over to the specific page that was getting all the hits I was surprised to see the “Honey Bees in Crisis” podcast being done by Carla Zimbal-Saul and her students. Really well done and pulling in some major attention and traffic. It is well worth a visit!

I am heading to Apple with Carla and some of her colleagues from the PSU College of Education very soon to talk to them about some of the great work that is being done in our College of Ed. Things like this show just how well they are at integrating technology in appropriate ways to support teaching and learning. I’d love to get Carla to do a guest post on the project … I wonder if she would consider that?

ETS Talk 17 is Available

I feel like all I do at the end of every week is post news of the latest ETS Talk all over my available websites. I post it to the Podcasts at Penn State site, PSU on iTunes U, the ETS Blog, and here at my personal blog. I think this week I’ll even post it over at my PSU Blog (that is running on the new PSU Blog Platform we talk about in the episode) as well just to keep the content flowing. It begs the question of where is the best place to link this stuff? I get good stats from Apple on what is being downloaded out of iTunes U but it is increasingly difficult to know where people are getting the ETS Talk Podcast from. At the end of the day I may have too many places sitting out there on the Internets.

At any rate, the ETS Talk Gang welcomes Jeff Swain this week to talk about building online communities. Jeff manages the ANGEL Community Hub for us here at ETS and has done a wonderful job getting it off the ground and growing it. For some reason we end up calling Jeff and the podcast, “the total package” … not really sure why. We also get a chance to listen to and respond to a phone message by Chris Long about blogging in the classroom. At the end of the show we spend a little time talking about how long the University should maintain content for students and what we should be thinking about to help preserve online content over the long haul.

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ETS Talk 16 with D’Arcy Norman

This week Cole, Allan, and Brad have the pleasure of hosting D’Arcy Norman from the University of Calgary in the 210F Studio … well, he comes in via iChat AV, but that’s close enough. D’Arcy is an international Edu Blogger Rock Star who spends most of his time creating opportunities to engage those in educational contexts with emerging technologies. We spend most of the show talking about how to get strategic about selecting technologies that can have an impact on the educational process and how we look at scaling them. Clearly we are all still talking Twitter, but the new item this week is Yahoo Pipes. We hop you enjoy!

Podcast on iTunes U | Direct Link to Podcast

ETS Talk 13 is Now Available

This week’s ETS Talk Podcast brings Cole, Brad, Chris, and Allan together to talk about a bunch of things. The new Apple iPhone has been a hot topic around our offices this week and we do our best to break it down. The thing about the iPhone is that it is so interesting we are starting to really think about how it will alter what we can do in an educational setting. We also announce our new email address for comments and feedback. You can now email us at etstalk at psu dot edu and the Hot Line is working at 814-806-1855. We listen to our first listener submitted audio comment as well. All in all a good show.

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