ETS Talk 17 is Available

I feel like all I do at the end of every week is post news of the latest ETS Talk all over my available websites. I post it to the Podcasts at Penn State site, PSU on iTunes U, the ETS Blog, and here at my personal blog. I think this week I’ll even post it over at my PSU Blog (that is running on the new PSU Blog Platform we talk about in the episode) as well just to keep the content flowing. It begs the question of where is the best place to link this stuff? I get good stats from Apple on what is being downloaded out of iTunes U but it is increasingly difficult to know where people are getting the ETS Talk Podcast from. At the end of the day I may have too many places sitting out there on the Internets.

At any rate, the ETS Talk Gang welcomes Jeff Swain this week to talk about building online communities. Jeff manages the ANGEL Community Hub for us here at ETS and has done a wonderful job getting it off the ground and growing it. For some reason we end up calling Jeff and the podcast, “the total package” … not really sure why. We also get a chance to listen to and respond to a phone message by Chris Long about blogging in the classroom. At the end of the show we spend a little time talking about how long the University should maintain content for students and what we should be thinking about to help preserve online content over the long haul.

Direct Link to Podcast | iTunes U

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