ETS Talk 13 is Now Available

This week’s ETS Talk Podcast brings Cole, Brad, Chris, and Allan together to talk about a bunch of things. The new Apple iPhone has been a hot topic around our offices this week and we do our best to break it down. The thing about the iPhone is that it is so interesting we are starting to really think about how it will alter what we can do in an educational setting. We also announce our new email address for comments and feedback. You can now email us at etstalk at psu dot edu and the Hot Line is working at 814-806-1855. We listen to our first listener submitted audio comment as well. All in all a good show.

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3 thoughts on “ETS Talk 13 is Now Available

  1. You guys are hitting your stride! It was an enjoyable edition and I’m glad that it’s not just “another Apple podcast” that just rehashes the tech-spec pages on Apple’s site. Everyone seemed to have something pertinent to say about the iPhone and the possibilities that lay ahead…

    And as always, it’s nice to hear the higher-ed perspective when it comes to this stuff.


  2. Chris, thanks for the feedback! We are really having a good time with this. What has been so amazing is that we’ve figured out how to make time to get together — no small feat. Each week we seem to click in a little better. Again, thanks for the feedback!

  3. I missed this but I’m very much interested in this as well. I hope to be able to catch up on this as it happens in the future. As always…good work!!!

    Oh the NiKe iPod IS SWEET!!!

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