ETS Talk 14 is Available

We produced another episode of the ETS Talk Podcast this past Friday. It is available for download for you listening pleasure. Any feedback?

One thought on “ETS Talk 14 is Available

  1. I listened to this on my (son’s) ipod on the way to work this morning; never mind the content, feel the space! I think ETS is the only stereo podcast I subscribe to and it is such a pleasant listening experience.
    A response to your discussion about the ease of blogging (as a way of making a website); it just got easier – have you come across Flock? It’s a web browser built on Firefox with a few cool wizzy bits. There’s an area to drag text and images to (like what the clipboard should be), adding to favorites can also go to delicious, a Flickr window, but best of all, to write a blog post hit apple-B and a window appears that lets you write your blog and publish without even going to your blog site.
    Several clicks are cut out. Screen shot movie here –

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