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Given the recent security breach at Twitter I’ve been rethinking all my passwords across the social web. I am now using a password management tool as well to help me keep it all straight. If you are interested in the goings on with Twitter and the Google Docs fiasco, I’d recommend taking look at, The Anatomy of the Twitter Attack, on TechCrunch. I’m not providing any sort of in depth commentary only because it is well outside of my space, but I would urge everyone to think about their own password strategy.

6 thoughts on “Protect Yourself

  1. I’ve been using 1Password on the Mac and Roboform on the PC. The biggest problem (not a big one) has been keeping them in sync manually. One thing I’ve been doing over the past year or so is to use a random username in addition to the random passwords. I don’t do this on sites that I want to be identified on, but rather for online purchases and places where your “handle” isn’t important. Just another layer of security.

  2. Love that password link, so secret it is not there.

    The article on TechCrunch was well done. I’ve been deleting all the emails that services send with email in plain text.

  3. Sorry about the link … it is fixed now. I’ve been testing out 1password and really like it. I bought the iPhone application today and it works perfectly with the client software. They have a killer license policy, essentially allowing you to buy it once and use it across all your machines.

    BTW, I’m wondering if D’Arcy simply waits for me to screw up so he can pounce on me …

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