It is On


Google Wave invite came today. Best question, how do you want to be contacted? Check box for email and a checkbox for Wave. Guess what I selected!

8 thoughts on “It is On

  1. Me too! I would like to be “invited”, if it’s possible for you to do so and not too much trouble. Alternatively, I suppose I could do the work and find out how to get in on the action through Google itself. 😉

    Keep us updated on your findings!

  2. Me four, if there’s invites to pass along… (Seems like there’d really have to be if you’re going to have half a chance to try things out)


  3. So far it doesn’t look like I can invite anyone “gmail style.” I got a response in Wave to the question — no idea if it was an official google person. He told me that people had to sign up for a developer account to get in. The real problem is that I’m not a traditional developer in that I’m not looking to write any modules for the Wave, instead looking at it as a teaching and learning tool … and for organizational communication. Without some other people like me it is tough to get a handle on what is happening. I’ll keep working and see what I come up with.

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