Presentation: 01/21/2009: Educause Learning Initiative

Also while in Orlando for ELI, I have the additional privilege of sharing work being done here at Penn State as it relates to blogging and ePortfolios.  I get to share the stage with Dr. Carla Zembal-Saul and Brad Kozlek.  Both of these individuals have had a huge impact on the success of both our blogging and portfolio advancement in the last year.  Carla was a faculty fellow within ETS last summer and her work pushed us in new directions and have helped us rethink the blog platform as a social portfolio space.  Brad has been the project manager for our blogging initiative and has some serious insight into this space.  It will be a real blast to share these experiences!  Session description below:

The focus of this session is to discuss the blogging platform at Penn State as a vehicle for student e-portfolios. We will share the ways we have begun to take full advantage of the fundamental aspects of blogging and the richness of the blogging culture to engage Penn State students in professional discourse communities around frameworks and problems of practice associated with their chosen professions. In cases where this information might be used by programs for accreditation, reporting, and/or self-assessment purposes, we will share our vision for capturing student evidence at specified points across their programs.

See details at the Educuase site. You can grab our slides as a PDF.

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