Keynote: 11/13/2009: Youth Connect

I have been invited to keynote the Youth Connect Summit in Pittsburgh, PA.  An audience like this will present a new challenge to me and one that I am very much looking forward to.  Youth Connect is a community run organization that was begun as a result of grass roots efforts to help young people avoid risky behavior.  It has become a community-wide effort that involves adults and students from our local and private schools, churches, and other community organizations.  I've been asked to provide a baseline of education related to teens use of technology and to help parents and community leaders be better prepared to have conversations related to their use of social networks.

Keynote: 11/03/2009: Maryland Distance Learning Association

I have been invited to give the keynote talk at the MDLA fall conference.  I plan to spend time following their theme — Social Mania — by focusing energy on the social web and its impact on teaching and learning.  I am going to spend time talking about social environments, user created content, and the emergence of the One Button Web.  I am looking forward to making new connections and meeting some new friends.

Keynote: 10/29/2009: Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators Conference

I have been invited to keynote the annual Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators conference, which is the state organizational affitliates of ATE and AACTE.  It is also the state convening for PERA, the state affiliate of AERA.  I will be speaking to representatives from all 93 institutions of higher education in PA who prepare teachers.  I've been asked to speak about where students spend their times as it relates to social computing.  I'll touch on social networks, user generated content, and the one button web.

Invited Presentation and Workshop: 10/22/2009: Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13

I'll be spending time with the faculty and staff of the Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 discussing disruptive technologies in teaching and learning.  This half day will focus primarily on discussing strategies related to the appropriate integration of disruptive technologies for teaching.  I will draw upon my experiences from the course I co-teach with Scott McDonald and from examples of work I do around Penn State.  I always enjoy speaking with people in K-12 and find it an interesting challenge to make what I have to say work in their contexts.

Invited Speaker: 10/21/2009: Penn State University Libraries

I will be once again giving a talk at the Penn State Libraries focusing on the rise of social media and its impact in higher education.  I will be giving a updated and revised version of my "Enabling the New Classroom Conversation" talk to a University-wide audience.  I will be presenting in Foster Auditorium, but it will also be made openly available on Media Site Live.  As the date approaches I will share the URL.

Invited Speaker: 10/08/2009: Penn State Learning Centers

I've been invited to give a talk to the Penn State Learning Centers related to the explosion of social media and its potential impact in education.  This will be an opportunity to speak to not only University faculty and staff, but also to students.  I always find it interesting getting to share thoughts with such mixed groups — and I love getting to see how students react to my perspective on "their" space.

Online Session: 07/01/2009: Community of Educational Technology Support at UW-Madison

I've been invited to speak to the Community of Educational Technology Support at UW-Madison about my use of Twitter and other disruptive technologies in the classroom via an Adobe Connect session. This is something I am really looking forward to as I am sure it will spawn lots of good conversation. I'm very grateful to the folks at UW for putting this together and inviting me.
I plan to spend some time reflecting on the CI597C course Scott McDonald and I co-taught and how we implemented our deisgn to include both rigor and emerging technologies. The session will be hosted in an open Adobe Connect room provided by UW. If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the event page.
My slides for this event in PDF form.