Presentation: 01/20/2009: Educause Learning Initiative

In two weeks I'll head to Orlando to ELI … while there I will be part of two presentations.  The first will be with colleagues from across North America.  I am lucky enough to be playing with Jim Groom, Alan Levine, (and remotely) D'Arcy Norman and Brian Lamb.  This is a real thrill as I make sure I know what this crew is up to at all times.  Each are pioneers in our community and I honored to get to work with them!
We have a blog setup that will hold all our materials.
Session description below:

The presenters have evangelized open personalized publishing platforms and have struggled with establish closed environments as the basis for teaching and learning with technology. Their overall quest has led them to find powerful and flexible online publishing platforms. In a series of lightning talks, the presenters will share work at their respective organizations that they believe to be useful to others in the teaching and learning community. Each will select a project or problem that poses a significant challenge, which will then be discussed by all attendees.

Find the description online at the Educause site.

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