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With all of blogging about Second Life, identity, and my online world I thought I’d share something a little more personal than I typically do. I very rarely, if ever, go this far off blog with things, but I have to say the last two days away from home with my wife and my two children has me realizing more than ever what it is all about. I can say with total honesty that I really do love what I do in my professional life, but days like yesterday and today make me reconnect with what brings me balance and peace. Today in particular was amazing — the sun, the ocean, a quiet walk with my (not so) baby boy asleep in the stroller — all of it was humbling and perfect. After spending some amazing time on the beach with the family, a time my daughter marked by actually getting into the Atlantic Ocean in mid March, I can say that I am completely in awe of what is around me.

The two wonderful and mysterious little people who share DNA with me continue to bring me to my knees in appreciation. I never share public pictures of them, but the setting and their smiles have left me with little choice. So, with that I say I am sorry for inflicting a moment of personal reflection on anyone who decided to show up for this post and want to tell anyone who will listen that life is truly a gift. There will be no talk of SecondLife, RSS, Twitter, or anything else … the images that follow are my meta identity. That’s it.






max looking

early spring

6 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Love this post, Cole. You’re so right.. these are the things that matter. All the “other stuff” is exciting and fun, but it’s times like this that remind you what the truly “important” things are. It’s so good to be thankful.

  2. These are really great pictures. I’m glad that you and your family were able to get away and relax, even for only a few days. I love the beach and after my last trip to Florida, I wonder why I don’t go more often.

    I saw a short animated movie once that raised the question: whether you think of your vacations as making work bearable — or whether your work makes vacations possible. It’s an interesting question.

  3. RSS = really simple stuff like digging yo’ kids. great pics, hope we can get together before they become teenagers 😉

  4. Thank you – you are right, the little DNA sharing Beans teach us so much about who we are, life and our place in the universe!

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