04/02/2008: Presentation: NMC Symposium on Mashups

02_mashups.jpgMashups are emerging on our campus in places we'd never expect. Faculty and students alike are building mashups using the platforms we've been implementing and with sites outside the Penn State web. With this in mind, I will be presenting at the NMC Symposium on Mashups on April 2nd, 2008.
Mashing it up at a Big University
While most of our faculty and students don't realize they are creating mashups, some amazing things are happening on our campus. Here at Penn State University we've worked very hard to create flexible platforms to support faculty and students' use of emerging technologies for teaching and learning. What we are starting to see is amazing to us. During this session we will highlight examples of faculty and student mashups from PSU — some of which are directly supported by our Education Technology Services group and some that are just showing up. We will cover the PSU Platform for Digital Expression that is empowering faculty innovation, discuss issues facing implementing mashups at a large university, show real examples that are emerging on campus, and discuss how we facilitate effective creative use by both teachers and learners.
From the Symposium's website:
"The NMC Symposium on Mashups will itself be a mashup of venues, with sessions taking place in the 2D web environment of Adobe Connect, with support by LearningTimes and selected activities in the 3D world of the NMC Conference Center in Second Life (all Second Life events will be streamed back into the Connect environment)."
At the conclusion of the session I will post a PDF of the slides here.

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