Back at It

Well we are now less than two weeks away from the TLT Symposium here at PSU. It is a very exciting countdown given the program looks great, the surround activities look fun, and with Lessig coming I have a real sense of excitement. Less than two weeks to wrap up the lose ends and to add a couple new little wrinkles to the mix.

One such wrinkle is the addition of the “Tag Team” table to help Symposium visiters get started in the social software space … what we have decided to do is to have a table where people can walk up and feel supported in understanding how to use the conference tag tltsymposium2008 with Flickr, the blogs,, and Twitter during the Symposium. The idea is simple, we are asking people to share thoughts during the event, but with an expected crowd of 350, it will be tough to see more than a quarter of them really contributing. Most of that is awareness and an unfamiliarity with the tools. That is where the Tag Team comes in. There should be to on duty throughout the day to help people get accounts and understand tags. Should be interesting … oh, and my students don’t know this yet, but we’ll be asking them to take shifts at the Tag Team table. Shhh don’t tell them!

One thought on “Back at It

  1. The tag team idea is somethig I’m really excited about. Around here we use these social software apps so much we take it for granted that others know what we’re talking about. I think this table will help a lot of attendees make sense of it all and, even better, enable them to join in and participate with us in them.

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