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I am going to preface this post with the fact that I am pathetically out of shape. I know that now b/c I went out running yesterday and I hurt today — when I say I hurt, I mean I really hurt. OK, on with the post.

Even though I am thinking my iPod is a little old skool now that the iPhone is out, I did start using my Nike + iPod yesterday. I got the thing for Christmas and have just now gotten around to trying it … when in the world would I have left a piece of technology sitting around for a few weeks? Must be the exercise part … I have to say that my first impressions are very positive … here’s a quick recap of my experiences with it:

  • It worked so well with my iPod Nano … really just plugged it into the bottom of the Nano, slid the fob into the sole of my Nike sneakers and it connected and communicated right away. Starting a run was as easy as selecting to start workout. It asked me to pick a playlist and I was off. Every five minutes a voice came over the iPod to tell me my progress … very cool.
  • It actually motivated me to exercise … something that nothing has been able to do in the last year or so. I’ve used my recumbent stationary bike on occasion, but this blend of technology and music/podcast listening is something I may be able to get into. The web interface is so slick and actually encourages you to set goals for yourself. I’ve set four unique goals using the Nike + site … to run 20 miles in 4 weeks, burn 2000 calories, run 10 times over that period, and do at least 5 miles under 10 minutes. I know at this point it is mighty pathetic, but I have to tell you it is time I start somewhere.
  • In high school I had to be able to do 2 miles in under 12 minutes every season for varsity soccer … my senior year I was able to do the two in eleven minutes and eleven seconds. During my run yesterday I did my first mile in eleven minutes. I am seriously out of shape. Maybe connecting the dots with technology and exercise will help me get it back together.
  • Once I get myself together a bit I think I will invite some other people to some running challenges. This whole site has the ability for you to create events and challenge friends from all over the world to compete against you. Again, I am seriously out of shape and it will take me time to get to that point, but I am sort of looking forward to it. This whole thing feels a hell of a lot like a massively multiplayer online game … not Warcraft or anything, but something that might motivate me further.


So other than the fact that I am so out of shape the Nike + iPod deal is really a great product. Now, can I continue to go after my goals? Only time and my online profile will tell.

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  1. Yeah, I’d love one that worked on a bike. I do spend a bit more time exercising on my bike. Running is really bad on my legs. I blew my right knee out in college playing hoops and when I run it gets really swollen. I have a feeling if I lost some weight it wouldn’t be quite as bad though.

  2. This new found interest isn’t because I’m moving to State College, is it? You’ll have no competition from me – I hate running. Although if you do figure out how to get it working for a bike, I’m right there with you. My road bike is itching for spring already!

  3. No, it isn’t b/c of you Derek … but I do remember you had to pull off the 2 miles in under 12 minutes drill that Wolfie put us through. What was your time back in the day? BTW, welcome to the neighborhood … bout time you listened to the voices in your head! πŸ˜‰

  4. I used Nike iPod with my nano during this past Summer…but I found it to be wildly inaccurate, even after multiple calibrations. I tested it out by taking it to the high school track, hit my stopwatch and started the iPod at about the same time. I would run 3 miles (12 laps) and stop the stopwatch and end the iPod Nike workout.

    I found that for every mile I ran, the Nike iPod believed that I had only gone 3/4 of a mile.

    It kind of pissed me off…so I stopped using the system after the shoes got too beat from running.

    By asking about this issue on a Mac forum, I found that other people had also experienced this problem and I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done about it or not. It’s a shame too, since it’s a really cool idea. However, I’m not sure if it’s a widespread issue or if it’s an issue with my input stats: 5’8, 170 with fast, short strides. Maybe that throws it off? I’m not sure.

    In case you’re wondering, the Marine Corps tests us in a 3 mile run. Max points are awarded to 18 minutes and under, a failed test is 24 minutes or more.

    The fastest I’ve been officially recorded is 18:45, but in December I was at 19:36.

    Oh yeah…that other important stat? I’m 21 years old!

    So unless that Nike Sports Kit comes with a time machine, I think you’re out of luck Cole! πŸ˜‰

  5. You’re a brave man. Unlike you, I’ll stick to the bike…only reason to ever run is to a) catch flights at Philadelphia airport (should be “scareport”), b) avoid the police (and I don’t do that as much in my old age).

    Get yourself a GameBike…we can go online and race, work ourselves back into shape (ok, we ain’t gonna be 21 year old fit like Chris, but we might add a few years to our lives).

    I understand the iPhone will allow mile measures from bikes. And collect and display heart rate, VO2, and blood pressure data. Plus recommend and cook health food to complement your workout regimen, and put babysit your kids while you’re exercising. Read that on the Web so it must be true πŸ˜‰

    Will have to wear my Nike sensor tomorrow for my 11AM run tomorrow…flying into to Philly to make a connection.

  6. Chris, given I am still in absolute pain from a short run two days ago, you may be right. I have to keep doing something though. Macdaddy … I think you have the right idea — with the game bike, not the flying into Philly. That’s just silly.

  7. Cole, I don’t mean to bring you down at all! Your goals are good and it’s an awesome way to jump-start yourself in a new direction. Good luck with it and have fun.

  8. Cole,

    I have wanted to get the Nike iPod package but I am not sure if the receiver will work with anything else than the iPod Nano (say a G5.5 30 gig?). From the internet I got both “Yes” and “No” answers. Would you mind throwing the Nike Switch into your 80 gig for me and letting me know what happens? That is of course unless anyone knows the answer off the bat?

  9. The Nike package is a favorite with my son’s buddy, Zico, he is techo mad and in 6th grade..he gave me a show and tell and I was was impressed. The Nano talked to me! Showed his history …..and other cool features that I can’t remember until we get one! My son, Kyle, a 7th grader loved it too. They run for soccer team …miles…. and both will run track this spring. I took Kyle to Dick’s and we bought the shoe, but the sensor …sold out!

    Kyle and I like the way he can keep track of his work outs with his Nano or on line at nike.

    The kids love it. They learn alot and are solid with the technology. I wanted a version of this …but I am hording my pennies for an Iphone!

  10. My time back in the day? I don’t remember, but I know whatever it was it was always one of the worst. You had me beat hands down. It might have something to do with my 5’2″ frame and my Yosemite Sam length legs. πŸ™‚

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