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Not sure how I missed this last week, but it appears as though Microsoft has announced its plans to release Office 2008 — I know it just turned 2007, but the folks in Redmond say that even though the box says 2008 they will give it to us in the second half of 07. Nice of them isn’t it?

Office has become one of the least used set of apps in my Dock … Word very rarely comes to life unless it absolutely has to — in other words if someone else sends me something. PowerPoint? Forget about it, Keynote is where I spend my presentation life. I do find myself in Excel more than I care to admit, but that is a major shift for me in the last year. All in all we’ll get our Universal version of Office with the nice XML format, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it. Time will tell.

Update: If this TUAW gallery is any indication, I may find myself back in Office a bit more.

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  1. Apparently it is even better than the TUAW gallery because in all of those screen shots the gallery bar is present. It takes up a HUGE amount of real estate, but apparently can be turned off. MS says they put up more screen shots without but I haven’t found them yet. As someone who uses Entourage with Exchange I am VERY eager for the “My Day” feature.

  2. Yeah, My Day looks terrific. I currently don’t have a reason to use Entourage, but did for years while at IST. I have to say I really liked it. I would consider going back to it once this new suite hits the street. I can’t believe I am excited to buy some new Microsoft software but in the absence of an iLife/iWork rev what do expect?

  3. well… not to be too self-promoting.. but i think that mac – users should look here . and check out the 2.6 version of evolution. it takes a bit of tinkering, and i’ve never tried it with an intel-mac. evolution already supports the 2003 exchange server AND icals. also, don’t forget that the new version of neo-office (an aqua port of will support — not that i think this is a completely good thing.i also find it hard to believe that the crowd at ms will support the generic ical standard — they will probably continue to make it impossible for others too play nicely. one mo thing. i suppose that one might lose the ability to have a “my day” feature… but, it seems to me that one could create an html dashboard pretty quickly that would be customizable, have a smaller footprint and be of greater utility… just my $.02..

  4. oh, yeah… i forgot one thing. who needs ‘my-day’ (or a pee-dee-ay), when you can have a pocketmod. it’s batteries never need to be recharged, it always has a signal, there is never a blue screen of death or a 404 error and has infinite resolution. : )

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