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This is driving me a little crazy … I’ve been trying to get the FAlbum plugin working in WordPress and I can’t get it going. I was all excited when I saw that D’Arcy said it was so easy … hmm — user error I guess on my end. I have been following some great directions over at … seems so easy, but I keep getting an error when I try to place it on a WordPress page. Works fine when I leave the file in the default location. Just doesn’t want to work. If you want to see what happens, click the Photos link in the header. Any advice from the smart people out there. Help!

Update: So, D’Arcy dropped a comment on me the fixed it in less than 30 seconds. Damn, that dude is smart.

Update 2: Hmm, works perfectly except for the sidebar error I am getting. I am just not sure if I blew something up a bit when I finally got the code out and replaced.

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  1. Dude, email might work faster. Actually, probably not 🙂

    In the wp-falbum.php file in your k2 theme directory, you have to tweak it a bit to remove the includes and other setup stuff.

    Delete lines 23-35 in k2/wp-falbum.php (NOT THE ONE IN PLUGINS), and replace those lines with a { so that the uncommented code should start:

    get_header(); ?>

  2. You are the smartest guy I know. Perfect. Now, I’ll just tweak the CSS (if I can figure it out …) and we’ll be done. Thanks so much! Sorta funny spending 3 hours on something trying to figure it out only to have the answer and problem solved in 30 seconds. Thanks again!

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