The New iPod … Are We There Yet?

I haven’t really been spending much time writing about stuff Apple releases … tons of other people do that — and do it much better than I. At any rate, I listened like everyone else to Steve telling us over and over again that we didn’t want a video capable iPod … then, he told us we did need one and gave us one — all in the same day.

I have to say that now that I see it, I am impressed with it. You can go read all the tech specs yourself, but what is really important here is that opens another set of opportunities for teaching and learning. I have said it before that you cannot walk across campus and not see every other student with white ear buds. Granted these aren’t yet video iPods, but it won’t be long. When that starts to happen, I can go from podcaster to videocaster and actually show my students a thing or two. On the flip side, they can do the same. By using the class blog, RSS enclosures, a video assignment, and a subscription I can now auto receive their work, watch it while I walk (or eat lunch, or whatever), and use the rating system to grade it. I do like it.

I can see this having a potential impact on hybrid/blended class and pure distance education classes … shipping assignments via a cross platform application like iTUnes (or a web site) and allowing students to download portable lessons on the fly. I don’t know about you, but I have seen very slcik Keynote presentation that have been turned into killer voice-overed QuickTime files that do a great job of teaching. I know there are things like Breeze out there, but the ability to quickly produce a learning experience that is filled with video, audio, and stills is interesting. It is actually getting close to the enclosure bundle concept. At any rate, here is hoping there is some killer context for the next great thing. BTW, I need one.

2 thoughts on “The New iPod … Are We There Yet?

  1. Can one really watch and walk at the same time? or eat and watch such a tiny screen at the same time? I have known to be very wrong about some new technologies, and people seem to really want this… but I don’t see handheld video being that practical. I do love the video ipod though as a way to easily get video content from rss enclosures to the TV. I wonder if next year at this time apple will be unveiling a set-top box. Really a dock with remote for the this new ipod would actually be all one would need instead of a seperate box. cool times….

  2. Good point, Brad … not sure about the walking and watching at the same time. I know I could sit and each lunch and watch something. If you look at this announcement with the new iMac and Apple’s Media Center-like software you can really start to see that Apple is looking to own the living room — maybe like they owned the classroom back in the 80’s … hmm. At any rate, we were talking about it all this morning and how they are so close to having the answer to my TiVo, CD collection, DVD collection, the rack system, the DVD player, and so many other devices that litter the house. You hit it on the head … give me a HD hookup, a remote, and some content and that new iPod and we’ll see a new paradigm for home entertainment.

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