227 … Why the 227?

The below is a little strange, but it holds some serious significance. I’ll be talking about it soon. But let’s just say that I have spent a TON of time in places with that number and I’ll be spending a LOT more time in that place. “Strange days, indeed …”

227 Address

3 thoughts on “227 … Why the 227?

  1. It’s older TV than “Lost”. Cole’s starring in a reality version of the 80’s show 227. He, Marla Gibbs, and Jackee live in an apartment complex and discuss instructional technology. Watch for it soon on UPN.

  2. Ahh, Jackee … now she knows how to design a learning environment. If everyone I knew was that good, this would be an easy racket to be in. I hate to say it, but UPN is the only network that would touch “our brand” of humor.

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