WordPress Upgrade

I finally did something about my WP install. I went ahead and moved to the latest release — I was trapped at 1.5 because of all the hacks I had done to get it looking how I wanted. I just decided it was a godd idea to start clean. For some reason everything feels so much snappier — from creating new posts, to doing admin stuff, to load times, and more. I dumped Kubrick for K2 … So far I really like it. I also couldn’t fall too far behind D’Arcy … Lots to get working again … you know, I was all about the rotating banner images (someone want to create a plugin to do that?). If there’s anyone out there who knows how to get that rolling again with K2, let me know — I’ll buy beers. I miss that. There are other things, but since I am making all sorts of changes in my life, I thought my blog should follow.

More posts in the coming days … lots to discuss.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrade

  1. It just hit me – the rotating banner dealie could be done via a call to a simple php file that returned a random image (from a set of images). Then, you’d just set your background-image url to that php url, and it should Just Workâ„¢.

    If/when I get a few minutes I’ll take a look into that…

  2. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend … in between college football — PSU vs Ohio State … it is going to be a crazy weekend here for the Nittany Lions. I have a feeling I’ll find some time though. Thanks, D!

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