IST Web 3.0 is Running

After my post the other night, things picked up and we got most of the issues figured out fairly quick. The new IST Website was received in a positive way from nearly everyone … there were a few negative comments, but we ended up not needing the matrix we filled out with guesses on the times and names of the first complaints. They really didn’t come.

As I look back on the project I think I know why … we really did walk the talk on this one. I sat on committees for months listening to what people had to say, I did a big sell job to the Dean and other major stake holders at the school to get them to see the right way to do it, my team worked like mad to get everyone across the school involved in the process, and our technology team did an unbelievable job constructing the CMS. All in all, it was a solid project that everyone is proud of.

Now we need to kill the last several bugs, get the training for content providers complete, and start to think about how we can leverage the foundation we’ve put into place for all sorts of activities. From the get go, we were not really too excited about moving the administration of the School’s public web space into the Institute, but as we started to look at it we felt it would be an amazing opportunity to slide our teaching and learning web applications into the overall web presence of the School. We now have the public site ready and we are now going to shift gears and look at how Edison Services fits into that framework … maybe after weekend though.

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