IST Web 3.0 Live! Almost …

One of the projects my team at the IST Solutions Institute is responsbile for is the new IST Web Site. It is in the process of going live. Its not that late, but the fact is that it could get that way quick as some strange things have happened since we moved all the code for the new CMS we built, the site, and all the goodies that go with it from development, to staging, and now to the live server … as with any huge IT project, things have cropped up.

The site, which we’ve been redesigning for the last 16 months or so, is built on a new CMS we’ve designed from the ground up to let users around our School make updates. It really is a nice toolset and will take away a lot of the headaches our Webmaster has dealt with for the last four years or so. There are lots of other nice things going on with the new site that you can read about for yourself.

But no technology launch goes completely smooth … we’re still here after the changeover a few hours ago finding little things here and there. The biggest is that the CSS engine doesn’t work at all in IE on the Mac … I am hopeful that by tomorrow when our students, faculty, staff, and partners start hitting the pages all will be good. If you take a look at the site, does us a favor, leave a comment here or take a minute and complete the survey available from the new homepage.

Could be a long night–>

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