Is this a Stupid Idea? RSS for Email …

I know email is “secure,” but I’ve started to really dislike dealing with it via my email clients (Entourage and Apple Mail) and the web mail systems I use (gmail, Outlook). It’s happened as I’ve stopped liking the standard way of browsing the web … I’ve sort of given up visiting specific pages and instead spend all my time going through bloglines to get the information I need. I’d like to be able to figure out if its possible to tag or flag specific messages that require attention, but I am unable to get to at the time and have them come into an authenticated bloglines type interface.

I was just on vacation for nearly three weeks and I missed a ton of mail … It came into my inbox, but at the time I didn’t respond or deal with all of it. I keep being reminded of it as I am walking across campus, driving, or nearly any place I am not connected — by the time I do get connected I forget and move on. The whole email client interface doesn’t seem to be doing it for me. I have gotten so sick of moving things in and out of folders and filing the stuff that my inbox at work has 700 messages in it. That makes it really hard to deal with one message that I know I got weeks ago and have forgotten to deal with.

That’s why it would be very cool if when a message that came in I couldn’t deal with, I just applied a tag to it and it became part of some sort of authenticated RSS string that would show up in one of my subscriptions. Even if just the, “From” and “Subjects” showed up, that would be enough to prompt me to respond to the message. I don’t know, just trying to simplify my life. Would that work?

At any rate, I’ve got some emails to find and deal with.

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