iPhone on Two Macs

I didn’t actually try to sync anything, but I did plug my iPhone into my laptop today to charge it and was surprised that it appears as though I can selectively sync content from multiple machines. I’ll have to investigate further, but if that is the case it will make my life a little easier. I keep all my media on my iMac at home and all my contacts and calendars on my MacBook Pro. Right now I am managing all of it by using .Mac to kepp the two machines in sync … that is a step I’d like to eliminate. I will test it more and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “iPhone on Two Macs

  1. was wondering how it’d handle multiple machines. my quad-core is my main box, but i’ll be charging from a MacBook on the road. don’t want it to sync to that pup, just need the power. great if the thing understands that calendar additions should go up to .Mac without messing up my master calendar. that alone makes it better than an iPod if it can do it. have to experiment with this (after backing up calendars).

  2. Cole,

    I got my iPhone and for whatever reason, it is not being recognized on my PowerBook G4. I have an iMac downstairs that I use for my studio, and I had to use that Mac to activate my iPhone (b/c it had Tiger). I decided to put Tiger on my upstairs PowerBook.

    The iPhone is still not being recognized by my second mac. Sadly, it’s the Mac that where I keep all of my contacts, relevant information.

    Any ideas?


  3. Dan, no idea. I am keeping my iPhone synced using my iMac at home. My MacBook is where my calendar lives — I am using .Mac to keep the machines in sync. Not perfect, but it works.

    Are you sure your USB connections are working? You might want to test the port on the PB.

  4. Hi Cole, did you ever manage to get this working? I would love to be able to sync my music and photos from my home iMac and Contacts, Calendars and Podcasts from my work Macbook Pro. So far I’ve failed – anyone managed it?


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