Web Apps and an iPhone Site

At Apple’s WWDC, Steve Jobs the crowd of developers that to build apps for the iPhone they could use standard web 2.0 technologies — I understood a lot of people were disappointed, but as a former Treo user, I like the fact that I can’t download a bunch of unstable applications to my perfectly running device. I am however very interested in seeing what apps are written that take advantage of the Safari browser on the iPhone.

This morning I read of a new site Apple is offering to browse their extensive movie trailer site. I know it isn’t really an app, but it is one of the first iPhone specifc site I have seen thus far. If you go there with your iPhone you get access to the same content on Apple’s standard trailer site … if you go there with a browser, you get bumped to the traditional URL.

Apple’s iPhone Movie Trailer Site: http://apple.com/trailers/iphone

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