Another Web App: Ta-Da List

In ETS we use 37 Signals’ project management/tracking application, BaseCamp. It isn’t perfect, but what app really is? What it gives us in an online hub for project tracking and communication. The other thing it gives us a great UI for working with.

37 Signals also has a free list manager called, Ta-Da List that helps people get things done — since GTD is all the rage these days, having access to a very well designed list manager from the iPhone is good thing. I am going to experiment with how well it can handle my daily calendar — again another step to manage, but until I can figure out (or more appropriately, someone who is smarter than I am) how to make our Oracle Calendar work more fluidly with iCal/iPhone I will continue to explore other options. 37 Signals has redesigned Ta-Da List so it is optimized for an iPhone browsing experience … I think we are going to see more of this. Accounts are free, so if you have an iPhone give it a try.

I know it is backwards, but that’s how PhotoBooth shoots it.

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