Ending College As We Know It?

Obvious hyperbole, but interesting on so many levels. There could be some heavy nuggets of truth here and I am right in the middle of these conversations on my own campus. There is little doubt that things are being disrupted … the question I ask is to what degree? Penn State has positioned itself well in the quality online education space for a decade now — specializing in programs and degrees. What does it mean for our institution to embrace all new forms of thinking in the online space?

Today, the largest university system in the world, the California State University system, announced a pilot for $150 lower-division online courses at one of its campuses — a move that spells the end of higher education as we know it. Lower-division courses are the financial backbone of many part-time faculty and departments especially the humanities. As someone who has taught large courses at a University of California, I can assure readers that my job could have easily been automated. Most of college–the expansive campuses and large lecture halls–will crumble into ghost towns as budget-strapped schools herd students online.

via How California’s Online Education Pilot Will End College As We Know It | TechCrunch.

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