One Student’s View on Evernote

Boy, this workflow sounds like it comes from the future. This is a response from a student in a google+ Evernote thread I am pariticpating in. While my daily routine talked about how Evernote has become central to taming my insane email eco-system, this post caught my eye particularly. Notes, snapping photos of handouts, recording audio clips of instruction, annotating in Penultimate, taking notes from Kahn Academy videos, and more — all in a typical day.

This is what a day looks like … I use Evernote to review my notes before going to class. At class, I take notes. If there is a paper handout, I snap a photo of it during class and annotate it with Penultimate or Skitch, then save it to Evernote. If the professor is saying or drawing something that is specifically important, I would record audio or snap a photo respectively. When I get home, I may read some articles in Flipboard, and then save them into my Evernote notebook that fits the subject. I might watch a video on Khan Academy and take screenshots of important moments in the video. Afterwards, I will take notes on the video and insert those screenshots for visual memory. In addition to all of this, I keep all my files in Evernote. All of my paper documents, I scan at home right into Evernote. All of my digital docs are always in Evernote. So I have one place to search for everything. Great!

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  2. Just to add another great way to use Evernote: the IFTTT Evernote channel. I use it for:
    1. Any article I save to Pocket is imported to Evernote
    2. Any email I star in Gmail, a new note is created with a link to that email and a separate link to any attachments.
    Both are tremendously useful.

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