Presentation: 01/20/2010: Educause Learning Initiative

For the third year in a row I will be on the program with an accepted presentation at the Educause Learning Initiative annual meeting. This year I am doing a session with friend and colleague, Allan Gyorke, titled Incidental Openness, Exploring Stories of Education in the Open. As always I am really looking forward to sharing stories from PSU and having a the chance to expose some of the work our faculty are doing is really a treat! Below is the description of the session:

Incidental openness can happen. Institutional mandates typically create initiatives that are weighed down by policy and inefficiencies. At Penn State we have seen an explosion of openness due to the implementation of new platforms for use in teaching and learning. With these platforms in place, we have worked to rethink concepts such as e-portfolios, faculty development, collaboration, OER, and course management systems. During this session, we will describe what Penn State has done, show examples of the impact on teaching and learning, and provide an open forum to discuss our approach and practice to generating open teaching, design, and learning.

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