I just recently traded my small SUV in for a very nice used VW Passat Wagon TDI. I did it for lots of reasons, but the primary one was mileage. I wanted something that was more economical to drive than my old vehicle, but I also wanted it to be fun and functional. The Passat is all that.

The picture is obviously showing some serious milage and no, it doesn’t look like that all the time. You can however find the exact spot to make it go from reporting the typical 28 mpg I seem to be getting in town to up into the 100s — its fun to see even it is meaningless. I’ve not had it long enough to get through a whole tank of gas, but half way home and it is looking like it is going to be about double what I used get on a tank in my old vehicle around town. No idea on the highway, but I do very little of that kind of driving. Did I mention it is fun to drive?


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