I’ll be on the road, so who knows what the one post a day for this month will look like during the next week … I’ll try to post something interesting as we travel to Orlando, FL for the week. I know, I know … why the hell am I going to Orlando at the start of Summer? I’m asking myself that question as well. In all seriousness it should be fun, hot, and hopefully relaxing.

autoWhile I am not ponying up for a new iPhone 3Gs, I have upgraded to 3.0 and plan to take advantage of the newly announced free AT&T hotspots. I love the idea of easy login on my phone for wifi access along to way and while traveling. Even at home, where PSU has recently partnered with AT&T to provide customers access while on campus — that’ll mean I can use wifi in certain places without dealing with the iPhone VPN. BTW, does anyone know if it is possible to store a VPN password? I am so tired of checking something online while on campus and having it just spin … if the VPN would auto engage and connect that wouldn’t be an issue, but I can’t for the life of me figure that out.

Either way I’ll be connected as much as possible while traveling. I’ll be doing my best to stay away from email, but I do plan to use some of the time away to take some pictures and continue playing with iPhoto and Photoshop. I’ll be posting stuff here and over at my Flickr space.

3 thoughts on “Roaming

  1. Wow. The STIR and friend will also be in Florida all next week to enjoy Disneyworld on their own. If you see the geek’s kid, be sure to say hi. “Hey, is your mom @Robin2go?” “Hey, is YOUR mom @Robin2go?” “Dude….”

    Enjoy the week. I’m so close to walking into ATT and switching to the iPhone that it’s not even funny. What are the odds I’ve converted by the next time you see me? I’m not taking any bets here. Have fun.

  2. Hi Cole, On the save pw issue with VPN. Tried modifying VPN settings in ver. 3.0. Deleted and manually added VPN. Tried the Auto and manual PSU proxy settings, all have resulted in successful manual connections but no connection that worked with a saved password.

    I also noticed the relocation of VPN in ver 3.0 – Settings/General/network – I think usability issues were increased under this release.

  3. You should be able to have the iPhone store your VPN password, but you might need to use the iPhone Configuration Utility to create a VPN profile to do it.

    Currently there is no way to have the iPhone start the VPN when it connects to a particular wireless network. This has been an often-requested feature since iPhone OS 2.0. However, if your access point supports 802.1x (branded as “Wireless 2.0” by ITS-MAC), the iPhone will automatically authenticate you. As an upshot, 802.1x is much faster than using the VPN.

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