Made It!

So after two days traveling I95, we arrived in Orlando where it is well over 100 degrees. Not much to say today, other than you see the craziest things along I95 … if you think about it, that trip takes you through several states and lots of states of mind. Just the bumper stickers, people riding in the back of pickup trucks at 85 MPH, and all the stuff overheard is crazy. I realized on the way down that I think I’ve made the trip down I95 nearly every year since I was two … first for annual spring breaks with my family in Myrtle Beach, SC and later to visit family in FL. Lots of things have changed, but South of the Border is still kicking it!

Photo by mollypop via Flickr.

Photo by mollypop via Flickr.

I have a few pictures of my own that I’ll post over at my Flickr page once I get a chance, but at the moment the kids have been patiently waiting to swim for the last two days. Off for a Corona!

BTW, I think I have to file this post under “I hope it counts.”

2 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. South of the Border is rad! Good to see you are getting away, and your choice to stop the post a day and enjoy your time with the family is well done. You work to hard and publish too much to make to work on that kind of demanding timeline.

    Ride the waves and frolic in the sand for me!

    • Hey Jim … maybe we can stop in your lovely town for lunch on the way back? I should be coming through on Sunday. I know my wife would love the vegetarian place you took me to.

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