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Last year we did something radical with our annual all instructional design meeting — we blew it up. We decided really at the last minute what we really wanted was a by the community, for the community event aimed at the entire learning design community. What we got was an event that I would have to say blew the doors off the place — The Learning Design Summer Camp notion was born. Over 100 people showed up, with probably about half of them working in the wiki in the days and weeks prior to the event helping to shape it. Our goal was to raise the level of the conversation and I think we accomplished that.


This year is only different in that the event looks even more interesting. If you jump over to the ETS Wiki you’ll see what I mean. What is important to remember here is that there isn’t really a formally charged planning committee — it is organic and that what makes it work. Today my friend and colleague, Allan Gyorke sent me a link the LDSC09 store where you can buy all your LDSC stuff … it is all very impressive and very cool. One last think I’ll mention is that the event is free and since we’re moving to a larger venue we are entertaining the idea of opening it up to the World. Before I go through the effort on that one, I’m wondering if people would come from other places to take part in some killer conversations over a two day period? Let me know what you think … I’ll have much more to say about this as the time grows closer.

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  1. Once again, I think this is an awesome idea which was borne out by the community’s overwhelming eagerness to help shape an event from the ground up. What this tells me is that the community really resonates with being allowed into the “inner workings” of planning and coordinating such an organic event. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in a meeting and have an Aha! moment that translates into an interesting session or after hours discussion. The fun is contagious and learning design summer camp is a great opportunity to connect, collaborate, and explore. It was an awesome experience last year. Only wish I could be there in July for a repeat performance.

    More cowbell!

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