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When I was as kid I went off to camp every summer … I attended sports camps every summer, working to hone my tennis, basketball, and soccer skills. I never did the full on all summer camp thing that lots of kids did. I did a lot of time at Bloomsburg University camps primarily because my parents worked at the University and it was our home town. But I also went to Russ Houk‘s camps every single summer from the time I was 9 until I was a senior in High School. Russ’ camps were in the mountains and amazingly separated from reality. I went for soccer, but always learned so much more.

Each summer I’d head off and have to play in the blazing summer heat, to work harder than I ever had with coaches from all over the World, and deal with an environment that was very primitive. It was awesome! It was at these camps that I stretched myself to play with quite literally some of the best players in the state and sometimes the World … I learned how strong I could be and most importantly I learned how much work it took to be really good at something. Russ’ camp were about stretching yourself physically, emotionally, and at times, psychologically. It was a blast and a disaster at the same time.

Heading into tomorrow’s Learning Design Summer Camp here at PSU I am reminded of my time heading off to camp at this time of year. I am nervous about how it all plays out, but I am anxious to put our collective intellegence to the test. Our goal was to raise the level of the conversation related to learning design and we will see how it all plays out. I know this from Russ’ camps — it is up to everyone to bring their A-Games. Can we do it?

I plan to engage … I set my “vacation” message for autorespond on email to read:

I am taking part in the ETS Learning Design Summer Camp at Penn State University and will not be able to be focusing on email for the next two days. Please know that I am keeping track of notes and will get back to you by Thursday at the latest. Thank you for understanding!

I can’t wait to see how we all perform.

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