Panel: 04/06/2009: Chronicle of Higher Education Technology Forum

I will be attending and participating as a panelist at the Chronicle of Higher Eduction Technology Forum in April.  I will be part of the panel, From Eager Applicant to Generous Graduate: Managing the Student Life Cycle. From the event's page:

Technology is reshaping college admissions, course-management systems are making it possible to detect students in academic trouble before it gets too deep, and development offices are creating social networks that energize alumni giving. But not every high-tech strategy pays off for colleges. This session will highlight expensive pitfalls as well as rewarding opportunities.

I am really looking forward to being a part of this and to be simply attending the event. I am honored to be a part of the panel and for being asked to participate.

  • Jeffrey J. Selingo, The Chronicle of Higher Education


  • Stephanie Balmer, dean of admissions and financial aid, Dickinson College
  • John Campbell, associate vice president for information technology, Purdue University
  • Cole W. Camplese, director, Education Technology Services, Pennsylvania State University at University Park
  • Andrew Shaindlin, executive director, Caltech Alumni Association

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