Another Damn One Post a Day Month

Thanks a whole hell of a lot to Allan Gyorke I am going to try another One Post a Day challenge for the month of February. I did this last August and it nearly killed me, but for some reason I am allowing myself to go down this path once more. While I really enjoyed it, the notion of generating something worthy of the bandwidth every single day is really tough. The last time around a few posts got some real conversations started and I did recognize there were some really positive outcomes. Can I pull it off again in the middle of a crazy busy time at work, at home, and in class? Only time will tell … at least February is a short month.

I am living by my old rules, but am altering them with an additional one … this time around I am allowing for original video/audio/media posts to count. That means if I use YouTube, or Flickr, or iTunes U to post all I have to do is embed it here with a minimal amount of text and it counts. I am feeling like the idea of posting in multiple mediums is a really good thing and seems to drive different kinds of conversations … that’s why I am adding the new rule.

To recap the rules for the month:

  • I’ll post every week day during the month of February. I am giving myself the weekends to think about other things.
  • Posts have to be meaningful to count. I’m not going to simply point at an external site and say “this is cool.” I’ll try to find things that could be of value to the community.
  • Sticking to a theme seems like a good idea. Last August I tried to stick to results from our data … at the moment I am in blogging funk, so I have no idea what my theme will be. I will try.
  • Trying to create conversation will be a big part of the effort. I’d like to share stuff that gets people anxious, angry, excited, and interested in talking back.
  • Having fun and writing are really what it is all about. If I’m not having fun, I’m done. That doesn’t mean I am dropping out if it gets hard, but it means that if I am not having a good time exploring ideas then it is a waste of time.
  • There are no invitations required to join in. If you want to write along with me, let’s come with a shared tag and I’ll aggregate stuff together on a public page shared via Google Reader. I want you to come along, establish your own theme, and torment yourself with me then leave a comment and share an idea for a shared tag.
  • Audio, Video, and Photos all count as posts even if they are posted elsewhere and embedded here at this blog. If I do use media it must “take the place” of the post — in other words it has to be meaningful and provide an opportunity for others to reply in some way.

So there it is. Can’t believe I am doing this again so soon! Thanks, Allan.

6 thoughts on “Another Damn One Post a Day Month

  1. Very cool! I have the One Post a Day tag going here … completely up to everyone. I’m game to do whatever. I wonder if I’ll make it through the month? @ Brad

  2. LOL. You’re welcome a whole hell of a lot Cole. I used “one post a day” before and plan to use the same one this time. It’s what we talked about on the podcast as well.

  3. I am all for doing it with you this time, especially since I am not work 17 hours a day at a summer camp like I was in August. I also have a suggestion for a name/tag to identify them all:

    Since this is February, why not call it “Blog History Month =)”

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