On Being an Uncle

Early this morning, after nearly 20 hours of labor, my little sister had her first child. They named her Mia and she is absolutely beautiful. I am already an uncle many times over to children from my wife’s side of the family and I love them all with all of my heart — each of them are so different but are so similar. They are children and they carry with them a wonderful perspective and view on life … I am blessed.

For some reason it has been a little different with my own little sister. Seeing her last night working to get Mia into the world safely made me so proud of her. Then today seeing Mia and Kitt together was a wonderful sight. Amazing how perfect she seems when holding her … I remember when we were kids how she would take such good care of all her dolls and act like a little Mommy. Now here she is all these years later a real Mother, but still my same little sister yet transformed in an amazing way. Like I said, I am blessed.

Welcome to the World little Mia!

One thought on “On Being an Uncle

  1. Congrats, Cole (and to your sister’s family). I remember when I received the phone call my freshman year in college when I learned I was an auntie for the first time. I ran shouting through my dorm hallway with jubilation. I now have three nephews and one niece, the youngest of which just turned 21 this week, as she was on a study-abroad trip to Spain. I don’t think I’ll be getting any new nephews/nieces, but I love the ones I have so much and burst with pride at their accomplishments (and mourn with them during their hard times). I think being an uncle or aunt is a very special privilege.

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