Divided Attention

Posts are coming at a very slow pace these days over here. It is obvious I have entered into a very hectic travel, work, life period again. I have been on the road much of January … first to FL for vacation, then to Arizona for a couple of talks, back to FL for more vacation, and then back here it State College. I spent a whirlwind four days in the office this week catching up and digging out from under the avalanche of work that had been stock piled while I was away. Tomorrow AM I head out to the annual Educause Learning Initiative meeting in San Antonio where I’ll be presenting with my colleague, Allan Gyorke. That should be fun and if anyone is going to be at ELI, leave me a comment and we’ll get together.

I am also teaching this semester and this past week we had our first face to face session of the semester. I was hoping to write a post about it, but work got in the way. I think teaching with my good friend, Scott McDonald will prove to be a ton of fun and really challenging — challenging only b/c Scott is one smart guy and he will push me to be more prepared and academic in my approach. I will probably learn as much as the students this semester just by getting to work with him. The first class was excellent and we had an outstanding discussion around how we as educators need to be more aware of what our students are all about as we attempt to design learning environments. Lots of fun and the new social rating site we are using to aggregate all of the student blogs is really coming to life.

At any rate, the posting here will be light over the next several weeks as I continue my traveling and course schedule.

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