At ELI 2008

Well, we got in yesterday and enjoyed poking around San Antonio. Today it all gets started. Allan and I present at 4:30, so we are getting set to put the finishing touches on our slides. Later this evening we’re hoping we can get a little ELI Podcast — ETS Talk style — going with some interested people. If you read this and are interested get in touch with me … leave a comment, come to our session, or look for us at 5:30 in the Hyatt Lounge. BTW, River Walk is very beautiful!

3 thoughts on “At ELI 2008

  1. Bryan … enjoyed seeing you. I made a HUGE mistake by not coming to your web 2.0 storytelling session. I heard nothing but raves about it. It is nice to spend (even fleeting) moments around you. Take care … maybe at the next big event we can spend some time hanging out!

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