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I know I am annoying most of my readers, but I need to capture this stuff just the same. I just decided not to go to the WVU – Pitt game in Morgantown this weekend — maybe it was the lack of a hotel room, or maybe I just know that showing up would somehow destroy their mojo. Either way I will be watching from home in HD and (hopefully) enjoying the last bit of work that needs to be done to get my Mountaineers into the BCS title game. I know it is a long shot, but getting there would be sweet!

2 thoughts on “More WVU Football

  1. I think they’re s shoe-in for the BCS title game, unless of course they fail to show up at the Pitt game. WVU looks tough on both sides of the ball this year. Offense has some real speed!

  2. Stranger things have happened to WVU, but they really should beat Pitt. I am hoping for a big win and a trip to the BCS title game. Too bad I will be traveling the day of the game — just another day in the life of a die hard Mountaineer fan.

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