Managing Media

I am avid iPod user, so I am very familiar with how I can use iTunes to manage media on my iPod and Apple TV (and now, iPhone). I wrote about a lack of advanced feature a while back at one of my other blogs as it related to the Apple TV, but now that I only have 8 GB of space to play with (instead of 80), I’d really like more control. Take for example the fact that I cannot control how many episodes of each TV Show I want …


Some shows I watch over and over when I travel — like old episodes of the Office or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’d like to be able to choose exactly which ones I want from my collection. Other things, I want just the most recent unwatched episodes and so on … I guess what I am saying is that Apple should give us a way to really manage our media. How about a little checkbox next to each episode and give me the control over how I want my content moved to my device. Now that they are pushing content to smaller devices like my phone, they’ll need to rethink the paradigm just a little bit.

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