Twitter Updates?

I am trying to decide if it makes sense to have a daily digest of my tweets show up here on my blog … is that blurring the lines — you know, crossing the streams too much? I am using the really nice Twitter Tools plugin to make it all work. But just because it can doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Any thoughts for me?

3 thoughts on “Twitter Updates?

  1. redundant. tweets are tweets. redundant. splj, and the like 🙂 I’m planning on turning off my blog-to-twitter announcements for new posts, too. so, you could have a blog notification to twitter that you’ve posted a summary of your tweets to your blog. cyclical…

    blog wants to be blog. twitter wants to be twitter. why force them to blend when they can work just find on their own?

  2. ITs the same thing I have been thinking — Twitter is Twitter and I use it in a very different way than I use the blog. Not sure what that way is yet, but I am now maintaining identity on a regular basis in at least 4 different places … here, Twitter, FaceBook, and my PSU Blog. I am running out of things to say. Why do I try and live online in at least 4 places?

    Hmm … blog post in those thoughts somewhere … I better stop with the comment and start writing a post that can then auto update on Twitter that can then be pulled back as part of the Twitter dailies and reposted here. Wow, that is stupid.

  3. I have my current Tweet appearing in the sidebar of my blog. I find it lets folks know that I’m still alive and keeps them abreast of what’s going on (and why I’m busy) even if I haven’t posted to the blog in awhile. But then, I certainly don’t post to that blog as regularly as you do to this one.

    I like the way you have it appearing here now. Evident, but not catching too much attention.

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