4/30/07: Presentation: Platforms for Digital Expression PSU College of Education

I was lucky enough on Monday to talk to a group of faculty (and a few grad students) from the PSU College of Education. Amazing hour and a half … one that left me feeling very good about the relationships we are developing there. In general I would classify the faculty there as both innovative and very interested in the use of technology to appropriately enhance the learning environment. I should have written about this as soon as it was over, but I didn't.
The talk was really focusing on the infrastructure we have been trying to put into place to support digital expression. I spent time on everything from trends and key statistics we are collecting our campus, to FaceBook, Net Generation expectations, to what we are doing to support it all. I spent quite a bit of time actually showing faculty the insides of both Penn State on iTunes U and the Blogs at Penn State toolset. There were great conversations related to how one might integrate these things into their classroom experiences.
Slides are available as a PDF.

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