Why Do We Do It?

I think I know the answer to why we spend all of our time living in places that are less than perfect … for me its all about opportunity and reality. If I could afford to live on an island somewhere I am sure I would … problem is, aside from working in the service industry, there just aren’t a ton of jobs available for someone like me. The other side of it all is that if you live in paradise you most certainly have to work in paradise … to me that just sort of kills the whole thing. I guess for now I am happy with just visiting and spending some mindless days watching the sun go down. With that in mind I’ll share with you some pictures so far.


Another quick thought. My wife and I were pulling some pictures out to throw up on Flickr and we both got a bit of a kick out of the fact that out of the 215 we’ve taken so far only 30 made it. When I said that she looked at me and reminded me that was a little more than a standard roll of film a few years ago. Shoot digital, plug in the camera, let iPhoto pull them in, and instantly publish to Flickr — really amazing. And another thing, literally 30 seconds after posting the pictures I had a comment on a photo from someone I had never met. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “Why Do We Do It?

  1. >The other side of it all is that if you live in paradise you most certainly have to work in paradise … to me that just sort of kills the whole thing.

    Yeah, sort of makes you wonder what professional golfers do on their day off.

  2. We chose to live in a place much less perfect for opportunity…and proximity to family.

    Having lived in my type of paradise (Colorado) for 2.5 years, I must say we seemed to put more leisure and recreation into our lives because it was so readily available.

    For example, it was easy to get up and run at the crack of dawn when I could do so on trails that I didn’t have to drive to and I could watch the sun rise and glow over pikes peak…it was easy to always keep a jug for beer in your car to stop on the way home at one of the several microbreweries when it was only $5 to fill up…it was easy to get ourselves out and about on weekends when world class skiing and mountain biking was only 2 hours away.

    I actually try to pretend I am in Colorado sometimes. The other weekend we went XC skiing in the gamelands…beautiful, crisp weather…nice snow. Then, we went to Otto’s for some refreshments and saw other people there that we saw on the trails. Very cool…and made me feel like I had a piece of my Colorado paradise that day.

  3. i was searching for speed typing exercises but with several clicks i found my way reading your blog. i may be a complete stranger, but i become engrossed reading this one and looking at your beautiful picture. It reminds me of my place. Though, I am living in a poor country, the Philippines, but I consider my place as a paradise. I wonder why my fellow country men would leave such place in quest for a greener pasture somewhere outside the Philippines. For me, I would never ever trade this for any place.

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