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While bouncing around the web this morning I came across Wufoo … it is a nice little site that lets you create custom forms on the fly. Its funny because that is something we dreamed about providing in the CMS we built back in the IST days. At any rate, I made this simple little form in no time and was hoping you would fill it out and let me know a little more about how you use my site. I’m not collecting emails and stuff like that and I certainly have no reason to sell any info … just testing out Wufoo and seeing if I can gather a little information.

The price structure looks a whole heck of a lot like BaseCamp … there are free options that let you do a limited amount of data gathering and there are paid accounts that let you grab all sorts of information. The free account gives you three surveys and allows for 100 entries per month. I haven’t explored it yet, but there is an exposed API … could be interesting as well. Once I made the little survey below I was able to just copy and paste the code right into my post.

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