Dropping the Ball

Earlier this month I was really thinking about what it would look like if I posted every single day … yeah, that didn’t happen. This post has no real substance what so ever other than to say that I am thinking about some stuff. Nothing that is going to change the world in any sense, but I am throwing some things around in my head. This week I have learned more about what iTunes U has in store and I am thinking about how I can share those thoughts in a meaningful and responsible way. With that said, I’d love to talk about the Blogs at PSU project, but timing isn’t quite right. It’ll be time soon.

That’s really it for today … fluff to cover for the fact that real stuff is happening that I can’t really talk about. Drives me crazy, but progress often does.

One thought on “Dropping the Ball

  1. since we’ll all be up late at thon…
    even more things to think about while dancing (instead of blogging):

    openXML is a crock.. but if only 0.3% of all computer users use odf… it must the defacto standard.

    macrovision has been evil for nearly a 1/4 of a century.

    you gotta admit its pretty weird that in todays world — ‘apple’,’podcasts’ and ‘iTunes’ are have lost some of their ‘proprietary’ label; but, here’s a reality check…

    nothing left to do, but sing the blues.

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